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Your use of our website to do anything beyond simply accessing/viewing it (that is, depixing, uploading, etc.), constitutes not merely your consent, but also your electronic signature, meaning that you are contractually bound by these terms and by our Privacy Policy.

Don't Please don't violate the integrity of the system. Don't tease images using captions which are not in relation with the corresponding image.
If someone else may own the copyright to an image, please don't upload it.
Don't upload brutal or threatening, harassing and defamatory material.
Don't post mature/adult content (18+) publically to the community.
Don't upload material that encourages violence or crime.
Don't upload illegal content such as child pornography.
Don't post links to adult content or to file-sharing, torrent or warez sites.
Don't impersonate someone else and don't write or use bots or other automated scripts.

If you do violate any of these principles or if you do anything illegal in addition to any other legal rights we may have, we will ban you without prior notice and delete all your images and legacy. If necessary we will report you to the authorities, take legal action and prevent you from interacting with Depixit.

Do Tease and have fun! Depixit is an online teasing network. Keeping yourself and your friends entertained is the main objective of the website. If you find content which is inappropriate or illegal, please let us know by clicking the Report button and filling out the Report forms on either the user or image sites.

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